CRS Colorado Revised Statutes
aka Colorado Revised Statutes

This application is an officially-sanctioned publication using the official text of the Colorado Revised Statutes (current as of August 2019).

Whether you're still in the academy studying the CRS for your POST exam, or out on patrol or in the detention facility looking up statutes for charging or booking purposes, there's no easier and quicker way to access the full text of the Colorado Revised Statutes, as well as all related editor's notes, source notes, comments, and cross-references.

  • Browse the statutes by navigating the hierarchy of titles, articles, and sections.
  • Use the alphabetical index to quickly access specific topics.
  • Search for specific keywords, whether found in the title text or the body text, or save time navigating by searching for a specific title, article, or statute number.
  • Bookmark specific statutes for super-quick one-click direct access to those statutes you reference a lot, or those that you just can't remember which title they fall under. Upload all your Bookmarks to Dropbox to keep all your devices synchronized.
  • Highlight any portion of statutory text for easier reference, to make studying easier, or to visually group related topical material, just like you can do the dead-tree Blue Book.
  • Share text of a statute (all of it, or just your selection) with colleagues via text message or email instantly from within the app. A clickable link is included that takes them straight to the statute (if they have the app installed on their device).
  • Assigned to the overnight shift out on patrol? Use Dark Mode to relieve the strain on your eyes while working in the dark.
  • Everything you need is contained right on your iOS device; no Internet or wireless connection required (except for syncing).