A game for your iPhone and iPod touch

ChainReactor is a simple, yet addictive game. Simply drop a "catalyst" into the "reactor" teeming with particles, and sit back and watch the chain reaction occur. The object of the game is to create the longest chains possible to achieve the highest score; the longer the chain, the greater the points that you can accumulate.

Available for iPhone and iPod touch; requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

This is the main playing area, the reactor core. Here you see the particles bouncing around the chamber; your job is to pick the perfect place to insert the catalyst (by touching the screen), such that as many particles as possible are involved in the chain reaction.

Whenever a particle touches the catalyst, it explodes; whenever a particle touches an exploding particle, it also explodes, thus forming a chain. The ultimate goal is to create the longest chain reaction possible; the longer the chain is when a particle explodes, the more points that particle is worth. You complete the level when you explode at least as many particles as stated in the Goal.

You only get one catalyst, so choose wisely. There is no penalty for failing to complete a level; however, your score is not credited until you successfully achieve the Goal.

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